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KOCOM is in your life

From product to system. Upgrade the convenience
of daily communication and security system with
KOCOM's technology.

Smart Home IoT

Communication, life information, home loT and
security functions make my way of life smarter.

Одно решение UTP

KOCOM’s ONE UTP SOLUTION offers a convenient and
safe housing life anywhere by connecting various digital
devices with networks.


High quality Life Style increasing
the composure of a life! KOCOM
Videophone makes it better.

Переговорный / домофон

Product groups with various functions suitable
for the installation spaces such as general house,
commercial space, office, etc. Easy installation and
convenient use

Цифровой дверной замок

First, more convenient with the push-pull type
Second, more secure by applying advanced security technology!
Third, more thoroughly for the safety of my family!


Brighter! More Money Saver! More Convenient!
High-efficiency eco-friendly LED lighting to complement
the space!

Кабельное телевидение

Video surveillance security system free of security blind spot.

По камеры

Door Camera show
KOCOM’s excellent technology for
smooth communication between a
household and an apartment complex.

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